The production site is located in the industrial area of Acerra (NA), an industrious agricultural-industrial center north-east of the city of Naples, close to the main transport routes, highways, railways, air and sea.

The Territory

The city of Acerra, famous for having given birth to the popular mask of Pulcinella.  Icon of the popular Neapolitan soul known all over the world, has been inhabited since prehistoric times. For a long time Etruscan settlement is one of the oldest in Campania. The Acerrano territory, third for extension of the province of Naples (after the municipality of Naples and Giugliano in Campania) has a great rural tradition that has expressed over the centuries different agro-food excellences as the famous bean “Dente di Morto di Acerra” slow-food presidium, the apricots “Palummella”, the artichokes “Mammarella”, very old red wine known as “Piccirillo”, the peasant bread of Acerra and of course the tradition of tomatoes preserves: San Marzano, Piennolo Vesuviano and Corbarino.

The Production

The production area is divided into two compartments. One for the production of peeled tomatoes San Marzano dell’Agro Sarnese Nocerino PDO and other tomatoes typical of the Campania tradition and the other for various types of typical preserves such as the tasty beans “cannellini di Acerra”.