Agrigenus was born from the passion for good things and the love for their land and its produce by Francesco Pirolo, expert agronomist, deep connoisseur of the territory of Campania and an admirer of good food.

The Brand

Hence the choice of the denomination “Agrigenus” formed by the Latin terms “agri” (field) and “genus” (lineage, membership, origin) this in summary the production of their own land.

The Mission

“The genuine face of the earth”
From the outset, Agrigenus’s mission was to enhance the excellent food products of its territory, transform them according to tradition and bring them to the tables of consumers all over the world.
Starting with the San Marzano tomato from the Agro Sarnese Nocerino PDO, recognized worldwide as an undisputed excellence of the great Italian agri-food heritage.