Sfiziosnack mini Breadsticks

The Sfiziosnack mini Breadsticks are produced with selected raw materials of the highest quality.
Simple and natural ingredients handcrafted according to ancient traditional Italian recipes that transform them into irresistible delicacies.
They are suitable for any occasion of consumption, for a quick gourmet break of the day or to enrich the table, but they are ideal for the aperitif, which will magically turn into a delicious and original moment of pleasure and conviviality.
They are available in 8 appetizing flavors:
Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Whole wheat flour, Corn flour , Corn and Onion, Pizza, Sesame, Flax and Quinoa seeds and Chili.


Available flavors and packages

Extra Virgin Olive Oil taste mini Breadsticks

Simply made with water, flour, salt, yeast, some lard and extra virgin olive oil. Tasty and fragrant, they match perfectly with everything.


Whole Wheat Flour taste mini Breadsticks

Produced according to an ancient recipe, they are made only with selected wholemeal flours, water, yeast and sesame seeds. Rich in fiber, they conquer everyone for their particular crunchiness and an intense and strong taste of the flavors of the past.


Corn Flour taste mini Breadsticks

An original variant of the traditional recipe with selected corn flour. They are presented with an inviting gilding and with the typical taste of good corn.
Light and tasty combine well with everything.


Corn Flour and Onion taste mini Breadsticks

The addition of onion to corn flour gives these mini breadsticks an extra taste that make it an appetizing snack to accompany original aperitifs.


Pizza taste mini Breadsticks

In these appetizing and original snacks you will find all the taste of the typical marinara pizza, where you can taste clearly (feel clear) the famous sweetness of the peeled tomato San Marzano, the intense aroma of oregano and garlic and the fragrance of good Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


Sesame taste mini Breadsticks

To the traditional dough are added sesame seeds that give these snacks a characteristic elegant note of toasted walnut that makes them particularly refined and delicious.


Flax and Quinoa seeds taste mini Breadsticks

A particular process that mixes selected flours and flax and quinoa seeds, give these snacks an original taste, refined and balanced suitable for any occasion of consumption.


Chilli taste mini Breadsticks

For those who love spicy, these mini breadsticks, are a real treat for the palate. Superior flours expertly mixed with powder of selected peppers and sesame seeds give life to an original and appetizing mini snack.


Private Label

The line of Mini Breadsticks craft, can also be packaged in transparent bags of polypropylene electrowelded by the weight of 200 gr that can be branded with your brand and with a custom graphics on a sticker of cm 7×11.
Also in this case they are available in 8 flavors:
Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Whole wheat flour, Corn flour, Onion, Pizza, Sesame, Flax and Quinoa seeds, Chilli.