Handmade Breadsticks

Sfiziosnack is a line of Breadsticks and Mini Breadsticks handmade products with selected raw materials of the highest quality. Simple and natural ingredients handcrafted according to ancient traditional Italian recipes that transform them into irresistible delicacies.
They are suitable for any occasion of consumption, for a quick gourmet break of the day or to enrich the table, but they are ideal for the aperitif, which will magically transform into a delicious and original moment of pleasure and conviviality.
The handmade breadsticks of the line SFIZIOSNACK are available in 3 flavors:
Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Whole Wheat Flour taste and Corn Flour taste.


Avaiable flavors

Extra Virgin Olive Oil taste Breadsticks

Breadsticks simply made with water, flour, salt, yeast and extra virgin olive oil. Tasty and fragrant, they match perfectly with everything.
Protected by a 100% recyclable aluminium film available in 100% recyclable paper cases.


Whole Wheat Flour taste Breadsticks

Breadsticks are produced according to an ancient recipe, only with selected whole wheat flours, water, yeast, sesame seeds. Rich in fiber, they conquer everyone for their particular crunchiness and an intense and strong taste of the flavors of tradition.


Corn Flour taste Breadsticks

Breadsticks made with selected corn flour. They are presented with an inviting browning and with the typical taste of traditional corn flour.
Light and tasty go well with everything.


Whole Wheat Flour taste Lingue di Suocera

A typical production of Italian artisan bakery products. Only flour, water, salt, yeast and extra virgin olive oil for an original and irresistible goodness that can be combined with many foods.


Appetizing appetizers

They are available in many appetizing flavors. All to try:
Oil EVO, Wholemeal, Sesame, Fennel, Chili, Pizza, Corn, Corn Onion, Flax and Quinoa, Turmeric.